Solar System Explorer Architecture

At present whenever we want to explore the Solar System we create expensive one of a kind probes that contain multiple instruments but are targetted for a specific destination or set of experiments.

The Solar System Explorer Architecture (SSEA) is a new concept vehicle which will be fitted with a suite of instruments that could be sent anywhere in the Solar System to explore.  This page details the design of the SSEA and proposes the creation of a fleet of explorers.

The vehicle will utilize a Helium-3 power system allowing it to travel anywhere in the solar system without having to worry about pointing solar panels towards the sun.  The propulsion will be provided by an Ion engine.  Communications with the vehicle will utilize both Radio and Laser technology.

It is envisioned that the vehicle will be created either on the moon or in cis-lunar space and therefore will not have to worry about handling the rigors of launching from Earth and the extra work needed to ensure it survives the vibrations, etc.