About Chris Marshall

I was born in Sutton, Surrey, England in 1972 and lived around that area until Jan 2001 when I moved to the US. I currently live just outside Boston, MA with my wife and three daughters.

I have been interested in Space for as long as I can remember and have actively followed the Space Shuttle and Space Station missions. With the growth of Commercial Space I believe we are very close to reaching out beyond our atmosphere towards the stars.


4 responses to “About”

  1. johnm55 Avatar

    Hi Chris. I didn’t know that you had started blogging, welcome to the club.

    1. chrisdmarshall Avatar

      Thanks, it was actually your 1 year post that got me thinking about doing one :).

  2. Elizabeth Lex Avatar
    Elizabeth Lex

    Great website, too!

  3. Kory, Abran A Avatar

    Thank you for blogging about Space. I assure you we will be traversing up there past orbit. Maybe I can put you down for wish granted? At this time I am asking questions about fate of ISS, and whom do you feel should be the 1st woman on MARS?

    Kory, Abran A (Aka, Boh) (inventor; the real w.o.r.p.s. drive)


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