CIS Lunar Architecture

As we expand out into our Solar System CIS Lunar will be the first stop on the journey. These pages will discuss a potential architecture to provide the facilities needed to allow humans to stay long-term.

What is CIS Lunar?
Cislunar space is the area around the Earth extending out to just beyond the Moon’s orbit

What do we need?
There are a number of key facilities that will be needed in order for us to operate within CIS Lunar space. Beyond that, there is pretty much no limit to what can be done once we have established the initial facilities.

Space Stations – In order to operate longer-term in CIS Lunar space we will need space stations, these will allow the crew to stay, perform investigations, etc.

Fuel Depots – These will allow space vehicles to operate within CIS Lunar space without having to return to the surface (Earth or Moon) to get more fuel. A standard would need to be established for the fuel that is used within CIS Lunar to ensure all vehicles that operate can utilize these depots.

Manufacturing – In order to utilize CIS Lunar we need the ability to manufacture the materials we need, and bringing these from the surface of Earth is very costly and initially any manufacturing done on the Moon would likely be used for lunar development.

Resource Processing – Manufacturing will require resources, the processing facilities will take raw materials and process these into materials to be used as needed.

Space Docks – These will allow vehicles to be docked for maintenance, etc. In most cases, these would be linked to Fuel Depots or Space Stations but could operate independently, especially for vehicles used to gather resources, etc.