SpaceX Stats

SpaceX Falcon 9 & Heavy Launch Stats

Launches: 56, Falcon 1 – 5, Falcon 9 – 50, Falcon Heavy – 1
Landings: 24
Failures: 5, Falcon 1 – 3, Falcon 9 – 2
Reused First Stages: 9
Launches  Landings  Failures
* Falcon 1 launches are not included in this chart, there were five flights performed, two successfully reached orbit.  The first flight failed after 33 seconds due to engine failure, the 2nd and 3rd flights successfully completed first stage flight but failed to reach orbit.

** Note: The 2nd launch of 2018 (GovSat 1) didn’t land on a Drone Ship, however the stage did perform an ocean landing and did survive as shown in the tweet from Elon.  We have included that in the landing stats.