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ISS Spacewalk EVA-40 (184) completed successfully

The third spacewalk in as many weeks has been completed successfully by Cosmonauts Maksim Surayev and Aleksandr Samokutyayev, originally planned for approximately 6 hours the two worked way ahead of the timeline bringing the spacewalk to an end over 2 hours early.

They completed the following tasks during the spacewalk

– Removed and jettisoned Radiometriya experiment from Zvezda Plane II
– Removed EXPOSE-R experiment protective cover
– Took surface samples from Pirs extravehicular hatch 2 window (TEST experiment)
– Removed and jettisoned two KURS attennas 2ACф1-1 and 2ACф1-2 from Poisk
– Photographed exterior of ISS Russian segment.

The changes for Poisk are needed for future changes to the station where the Pirs airlock which was used for this spacewalk will be removed to be replaced by the Nauka module a new Multipurpose Laboratory Module. Once Pirs has been removed future spacewalks will be done from the Poisk module.

Below are some screen grabs from NASA TV

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