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ISS Contingency Spacewalk Completed Successfully

Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer completed a 2 hour 41-minute contingency spacewalk today following the failure of an Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (MDM) over the weekend.

During the walk, they successfully replaced the MDM and also installed two wireless network antenna’s

This was Peggy’s 10th walk for a total time of 60 hours 21-minutes, surpassing John Grunsfeld to become the 3rd place all-time leader and Jack’s second who now has 6 hours 54-minutes accumulated time.


Expedition 50 completes fourth EVA

Today Astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson completed a 7 hour 4 minute Extravehicular Activity (EVA) bring the total count of EVA’s performed at the International Space Station (ISS) to 199 for a total time of 1,243 hours 42 minutes.

During the EVA they completed the following primary tasks:-

  • EPIC MDM removal & replace
  • Node 3 axial shields install, including replacing a lost shield with the PMA-3 cover.
  • PMA-3 forward shield install
  • PMA-3 cummerbunds install
  • PMA-3 cover removal
  • PMA-3 connections
  • Close Node 3 port CDC

As well as the following get-ahead tasks:-

  • Inspection & cleaning of the Earth-facing berthing port of the Harmony module

During the installation of the Node 3 axial shields, one of them was misplaced and later was seen floating away from the station.

Axial shield seen floating away in upper right above the NASA logo.

This was Peggy’s eighth EVA for a total time of 53 hours, 22 minutes, making her the most experienced female spacewalker, both for the number of EVAs and cumulative career EVA time.

This was Shane’s sixth EVA for a total time of 39 hours.


Expedition 50 complete third EVA

Astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Thomas Pesquet completed the third Extravehicular activity (EVA) of Expedition 50 with the successful re-pressurization of the Quest airlock.  The spacewalk lasted 6 hours 34 minutes and the astronauts completed the following tasks.  Prepare PMA for

  • Prepare PMA for move
  • Installed new Epic MDM
  • Camera WorkLubricated Canadarm2 end effector and inspected a radiator value.
  • Lubricated Canadarm2 end effector
  • Inspected a radiator value.

This was the 198th spacewalk performed at the International Space Station, for a total time of 1,236 hours and 38 minutes

This was Shane’s 5th EVA for a total time of 31 hours, 56 minutes and Thomas’s 2nd who now has 12 hours, 32 minutes working outside in space.

The next spacewalk is currently scheduled for March 30th.

ISS Space

ISS Spacewalk EVA-40 (184) completed successfully

The third spacewalk in as many weeks has been completed successfully by Cosmonauts Maksim Surayev and Aleksandr Samokutyayev, originally planned for approximately 6 hours the two worked way ahead of the timeline bringing the spacewalk to an end over 2 hours early.

They completed the following tasks during the spacewalk

– Removed and jettisoned Radiometriya experiment from Zvezda Plane II
– Removed EXPOSE-R experiment protective cover
– Took surface samples from Pirs extravehicular hatch 2 window (TEST experiment)
– Removed and jettisoned two KURS attennas 2ACф1-1 and 2ACф1-2 from Poisk
– Photographed exterior of ISS Russian segment.

The changes for Poisk are needed for future changes to the station where the Pirs airlock which was used for this spacewalk will be removed to be replaced by the Nauka module a new Multipurpose Laboratory Module. Once Pirs has been removed future spacewalks will be done from the Poisk module.

Below are some screen grabs from NASA TV

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ISS Space

ISS Spacewalk EVA-28 completed successfully

While traveling at 17,133 mph 261 miles above the Earth Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Butch E. Wilmore took a 6h 34m excursion outside the space station today to perform a number of tasks needed for the continued operation and future changes to the ISS.

The first task they completed was the replacement of the Power System 3A Sequential Shunt Unit (SSU) that failed back in May. This task had to be completed during a night pass of the station to ensure the safety of the astronauts. With only a couple of minutes to spare they were able to complete the task successfully and a while later the stations power systems office confirmed that the new unit was working correctly, The 3A power system will be re-integrated into the stations power system tomorrow.

They then moved onto the second task the relocation of a portable foot restraint and tool stanchion from the P1 truss to the S0 truss.

Next they removed a failed camera system from the P1 truss, which was returned to the station airlock. They then removed the camera stanchion as that is needed on the Harmony module,

After that the astronauts split up with Wilmore heading to the Harmony module to install the stanchion and Wiseman heading to retrieve a wireless TV antenna (WETA) which will be placed on the stanchion. The installation of the stanchion proved to be difficult with both Wilmore and Wiseman working on it for 30 minutes before finally they were able to get the bolts to catch.

Wiseman then did the initial installation of the WETA before heading back to the airlock with the failed camera. Meanwhile Wilmore remained at the site to complete the installation of the WETA before cleaning up the work site.

Wiseman then retrieve a new camera from the airlock which was installed on the P1 truss where the WETA was removed earlier. During this camera installation Houston advised the pair that the WETA was operating successfully.

This was the second spacewalk for Reid Wiseman and the first for Butch Wilmore.

Below are some screen captures of the space walk from NASA TV

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International Space Station US EVA 26 complete

Earlier today Astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Steve Swanson stepped outside the International Space Station for a 1h 36m spacewalk to replace a failed Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (MDM) unit.  In addition they completed a get-ahead task to remove two lanyard’s from the Secondary Power Distribution Assembly SPDA doors, this will allow the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator attachment of the Canadarm2 to access the unit in future.

This was Rick’s ninth spacewalk who now has a total of 53h 4m under his belt moving him to 5th in the all time EVA list, and Steve’s fifth for a total of 27h 58m.

The replacement of the MDM unit went very smoothly and was successfully powered up while the Astronauts were still outside. Steve Swanson then moved on to the frist SPDA lanyard removal which was also successfully completed.  However during checkout of the SPDA door he wasn’t able to open it.  After further troubleshooting and some brute force Steve was able to resolve the issue.  Steve then moved on to the second SPDA door which was also complete successfully.

Despite starting slightly later than planned the two Astronaut’s completed the EVA ahead of time.

Below are screen captures of the spacewalk taken from NASA TV.


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