Happy Thanksgiving

Today we take a break from Commercial Space to remember Thanksgiving.

I think we all have things to be thankful for, personally I am very thankful for my family, friends, Church and jobs.  It has been amazing to see just how much has happened in the last year.

This time last year I was still driving the Nissan which was almost at 200,000 miles and struggling after almost 10 years of service we finally had to stop using her and were blessed to get a car for cheap.  The new car didn’t last as long as we hoped but was long enough that we could get a newer car.

Work has been busy this year, especially since September when I started part-time teaching Computer Technology at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  The schedule has been hectic but so far it has worked out well.  Just this month I celebrate 8 years at Kewill and continue to enjoy working in the Engineering Department.

Church has changed too, unfortunately we lost a couple more families this year but God has really been blessing the work.  We have seen several people get saved and baptisted this year, including our youngest daughter Lilly.  We have had the pleasure of adding new members to the church family and seen growth in all areas.  The new Faith Weaver Sunday School program which started in September has been great and Pastor Doug continues to inspire us with his messages ( available on iTunes or the Web Site – www.sheldonvillebaptist.org ).  I am told that the Sound Guy is hot too ( but that was my wife so she may be biased 🙂 !!!! )

While we celebrate Thanksgiving lets also remember those who will not be home with there families this year.  Whether it be our men and women in the armed forces serving around the world, the men and women of our emergency services who are working, or the astronauts on the International Space Station.

And let us also remember who have passed away this year and the families they have left behind.

Finally let us also be thankful to God for everything he has provided and continues to provide.


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