5000 and counting

As of today the International Space Station has been continuously occupied for 5,000 days.

iss01-s-002The adventure began on November 2nd 2000 when the three member Expedition One crew arrived at the station.  Since that time there have been 214 visitors on the station including the six that are currently on the station, there have been 37 shuttle visits, 97 Russian vehicles, 4 European ATV’s, 4 Japanese HTV’s, 4 SpaceX Dragon’s and 2 Orbital Sciences Cygnus.

The crews have conducted more than 24,000 hours of scientific research has been performed both on the crew’s themselves and on the numerous experiments that the visiting vehicles bring to the station.

753443main_s134e010590_1600_428-321There have been a total of 180 spacewalks conducted in support of space station assembly totaling over 1,130 hours, or approximately 47 days.

The station’s odometer reads more than 1.97 billion statute miles, over the course of 89, 518 orbits around the Earth.


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