AsiaSat-6 launched successfully

spacex_lightning_strikeFollowing an 12 day delay for SpaceX to triple-check that the Falcon 9 was okay after the Falcon 9 Reusable explosion the rocket and payload successfully lifted off this morning to complete another mission for SpaceX and AsiaSat, during the countdown this evening the weather conditions were not ideal including a lightning strike on the tower, which didn’t damage the rocket or satellite. Once the weather cleared the countdown was able to proceed to a liftoff at 1:00 am EDT.

This was the second launch in a month for both companies and the payload was successfully deployed to the desired parking orbit following the successful firing of the first and second stages.  Assuming everything goes well the second stage will relight once more to place the satellite in it’s final orbit before separation.

As with the AsiaSat-8 launch there wasn’t enough fuel available to attempt a return to ocean test which is why the Falcon 9 didn’t have the landing legs attached to save weight.

At present the next launch for SpaceX is scheduled for September 19 to launch a Dragon to the ISS, at this point it isn’t known if SpaceX can meet this date due to the delay in this launch. Once we have further news we will let you know.

Below are some screen grabs of the launch.


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