Latest GPS Satellite launched by ULA

2015-07-15-113209-350x208This morning a United Launch Alliance Atlas V lifted off from Cape Canaveral carrying the latest GPS 2F satellite to orbit.

The rocket used the 401 configuration, which is the simplest version of the Atlas V family.  Due to the configureability of the Atlas V family of rockets these numbers represent a four meter payload fairing (4), no solid rocket boosters (0) and a single RD-180 engine (1).

This was the 10th flight of the Block 2F GPS satellite.

The Atlas V in the 401 vehicle configuration lifted off as expected at 11:36 am EDT, once in orbit the upper stage will travel for approximately three hours before the satellite is deployed to its planned orbit.  We will update the article once confirmation of successful deployment is received.

UPDATE confirmation has been received of successful completion of the mission

Images of the launch from LiveStream Webcast

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