SpaceX launches SES-9

SpaceX_SES-9SpaceX continued it’s 2016 launch campaign today with the successful delivery of the SES-9 satellite to orbit.  This was the third successful launch since the June 2015 failure and the second launch of the Falcon 9 Full Thrust version of the rocket.

SpaceX attempted the launch several times but had to scrub due to several reasons including LOX cooling/loading issues, wayward boats and severe wind sheer.

The vehicle lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 18:35 EST today following a smooth countdown.  Once in orbit the second stage re-started to allow the payload to be delivered to the desired orbit.

To allow SES to make the SES-9 satellite operational as quickly as possible SpaceX forgo the chance to return the first stage to the Cape and instead elected to attempt another landing at sea on there Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship “Of Course I still Love You”.

Below are screen grabs of the launch

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  1. I got to watch the launch last nite from my backyard, perfect nite to watch at sunset. What was neat was to be able watch the Falcon 9 all the way through its ignited flight and then see it falling back to earth. It looked like a dim star moving extremely fast, I had my ear phones on and as they reported the sight was like when the ISS flies over.

    Cannot believe after the many rockets I have experience in my career, that I still get a thrill in watching these things go into space. I worked two missile ranges on radar tracking these critters. Now I am working to replace them by using electronics to put objects into space, at extremely less expensive, much more reliable and safer with distances never a concern.

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