SpaceX completes Falcon Heavy Static Fire Test

Despite the uncertainty regarding the fate of the Zuma launch, see the previous post, SpaceX continued their busy year with the first static fire test of their Falcon Heavy Rocket.

The rocket which consists of three Falcon 9 cores mated together giving a total of 27 engines and 5.1 million pounds of thrust was successfully fueled today and the brief static fire test completed.  At present we are not sure if another test will be needed or if SpaceX will proceed to the actual launch later this month.

Once SpaceX has analyzed all the data from this test the next step will be defined and we will post an update here.

The following images were captures from Florida Today’s live stream of the test

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2 responses to “SpaceX completes Falcon Heavy Static Fire Test”

  1. Tony Darnell Avatar

    Hey Chris,

    Was this announced anywhere? I didn’t see anything on SpaceX’s Twitter acct nor on the webpage. I was waiting for this to happen and wanted to watch it live but found out from you 🙂

    1. ChrisDMarshall Avatar

      It wasn’t announced by SpaceX at all, I found out from @NASASpaceflight twitter accounts.

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