Virgin Galactic carries first passenger

Virgin Galactic hit a new milestone this week when they reached a height of
89.9 km and also carried a third crew member.

The flight of Virgin SpaceShipTwo (VSS) Unity occurred on 2/22 and carried pilots Mackay and Masucci as well as passenger Moses.

VSS Unity was dropped from the carrier plane WhiteKnightOne and a few seconds later fired its engine to propel it towards space, during this flight the vehicle also achieve a speed of Mach 3.04 the fastest to date for Virgin Galactic.

As a result of this flight Mackay, Masucci and Moses became the 469th, 470th and 471st humans to become astronauts, a number that could soon start climbing rapidly as Virgin, Blue Origin, SpaceX and others start flying people to space.


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