Space Stations

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There is no limit to the types of Space Station that could be available in CIS Lunar space, the following stations are provided as a starting point for human expansion.

NASA’s Lunar Gateway – The station that is to be developed as part of NASA’s Artemis program ( This station will periodically be crewed and will be stationed in Lunar Orbit.

Scientific Station(s) – The International Space Station has been permanently crewed since 2nd November 2000 and has provided thousands of hours of scientific research. However, it cannot last forever and continuing scientific research will be an important function of CIS Lunar space. Having dedicated scientific stations will allow the research to be performed without fear of those experiments being impacted by having other people on board.

Crew Station(s) – These will be used by people who are working in CIS Lunar space, these would be situated near manufacturing facilities, space docks, etc, and would be the living quarters for those crew while they are not actually working.

Hotel Station(s) – These will be dedicated to people who just want to visit space for fun/adventure.

Several stations have already been announced including:

Axion Space is working on an independent space station, however, they are also making use of the ISS until their station is ready.

So far they have launched two independent missions to the ISS and plan to dock their initial station modules to ISS before moving these over to their own station later.

A consortium of companies has announced Orbital Reef.

VAST has announced their Haven-1 station, they will be working with SpaceX and plan to launch their station in 2025.